08 December 2012

Holiday Giveaway Winner!

One of my most favorite photos of my two loves: Dan and Heidi at the Christmas Tree Farm last weekend. 

We have a winner!  Congratulations to Autumn Elizabeth!  Autumn's favorite thing to make are German pancakes with homemade syrup each Christmas.  That sounds lovely. :)  
I loved reading over all of your responses and I am happy to say that I got many new ideas for holiday treats.  Also, welcome to my new blog readers.  I hope you'll enjoy yourselves here!

One of my favorite things to make are snickerdoodles- mostly because they are simple and delicious, but also because it is the only treat that Dan really craves.  He's a no dessert kinda guy, unfortunately.  

Once I wrap up this post, I'll be popping these in the oven and starting on another batch of these snickerdoodles for a holiday party tonight.

Have a wonderful weekend!

05 December 2012

Holiday Giveaway - Minaret Earrings

I'm so happy to announce that it is time for Sew, Mama, Sew!'s Giveaway Day!  (It actually began on December 3rd, but I'm a little late in the game.)  However, it's not to late for you to participate.  If you are new to my blog, welcome and thanks for visiting!

I'm giving away one pair of my Minaret Earrings in your choice of either Green Czech glass beads OR Red Czech glass beads!

How to enter:

*Participation is quite simple- all you need to do is leave me a comment telling me:

 "What is your favorite dish and/or baked treat to make especially for the holidays?"

In the comment, please also include your email address if one is not connected to your account and whether you prefer the Minaret Earrings in Green or Red (or a mixture of both!).

*To get a second bonus entry let me know that you are a follower of my blog, or become one and let me know. : )

Hand wrapped Minaret Earrings feature hammered brass teardrop hoops with either your choice of green Czech glass beads or red Czech glass beads.  They will be made by me especially for you!

The giveaway closes at 5pm PST on Friday, December 7th.  A winner will be chosen at random no later than Sunday, December 9th.  The earrings will be shipped no later than December 14th.

And finally, this giveaway is open to international participants as well!

To enter more giveaways, be sure to stop by Sew, Mama, Sew!.

-This Giveaway is Now Closed-
Thank you to all who entered!

23 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend and a Sale

I wanted to wish you all a wonderful (and belated) Thanksgiving holiday and weekend.  I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday surrounded by loved ones and friends!

I also wanted to tell you about a sale that I am running in my Etsy shop now through Monday, November 26.  From today until Monday night at midnight all orders will receive 15% off with the coupon code Holiday15!

In addition, all orders of $65 (after coupon code and before shipping) and up will receive a free pair of Resin Dahlia earrings in your color choice!

I've been busy getting lots of new listings up in the shop and plan on continuing to add more throughout the weekend so keep checking back!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces right now:

Kilim Earrings - Geometric Carnelian and Emerald Tassel Earrings

Rosa Earrings - Rose Quartz, Geometric Relief Brass and Aquamarine Earrings

Minaret Earrings in Smokey Quartz

15 November 2012

Handmade in PA post- Ryann Thompson's Photo Jewelry Keepsakes

Good morning, friends!  Be sure to hop on over to Handmade in PA for my most recent write up on the very talented Ryann Thomspon of Designs by Ryann.  I've featured her handmade Photo Jewelry which is really worth checking out.

Here are a few examples of her work with Photo Jewelry:

An assortment of Ryann's handmade photo pendants and bracelets.
Unique keepsakes featuring a loved one's handwriting or special message.

Photo Ornaments to trim the tree with this season!!

02 November 2012

Warby Parker! Decisions, decisions!

Dear readers,
Your opinions are greatly needed!  I received my Warby Parker home try on selections earlier this week and I am completely stumped as to which frame to choose or if perhaps they just aren't right for me?  I really love the Sinclair and the Marshall frames, but I worry they don't suit my face.  I'd greatly love to hear your opinions.  

I might just select another few for another round of home try-ons or perhaps I'll pop into their showroom in Philly to confuse myself even more! :)

Do any of you wear Warby Parker?  If so, which frame(s)? 

Thanks so much and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!

Oh Happy Day!  Warby Parker Home Try On Selection!

And here I am, posing in all of the frames (in black and white to cut down on the lens glare):

UPDATE! 11.15.12: Thank you to everyone who offered their opinions either on my blog, on twitter or in person.  It seems that Sinclair and Marshall are the obvious winners! (They also happened to be my top choices, as well.) :)  I'll be purchasing the Marshall frame in the near future since they seem to be a great everyday frame.  My old pair (~5 Years old. yikes!)- which are purple and lime green Anne et Valentin frames- are a bit on the funky side and I am in the market for a more neutral frame.  Marshall fits the bill!  I plan to purchase the Sinclair down the road, since I love them so much, also!  Thanks again!  Also- the Warby Parker Home Try On was such a great experience.  I highly recommend it if you are in the makert for some new frames or sunglasses.

01 November 2012

The first of November.

Hello all.  I realize that this space has been quiet for quite sometime now.  I apologize for this.  Life just got a little too crazy, I suppose.  Expect more posts on here from me in the coming weeks because I've got lots to share (including all of the recipes I made with our home garden produce).  I've also got a big, big announcement to share!  But first, I wanted to let you know that my time on the interwebs has not been completely stagnant these past few months.

Doe Run Farm makes some outstanding artisan cheese.
I'm a new contributor for Handmade in PA- a blog from the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen!  It's an exciting new venture for me since I love sharing handmade adventures and stories with anyone who will listen.  

Autumn Splendor at Terrain at Styers.
Today's post is about an autumn visit to Terrain in Glen Mills, PA.  We visited a few weeks back for Terrain's annual Autumn Bounty Festival.  We got to taste some really delicious cheese and take in all of the delights of the season.  And since today is the first of November, I thought it might be a nice post to share with you all.  Click here if you'd care to read it.

31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Wishing you all safe and happy evening!

30 August 2012

Etsy's new "About Me" page

Have you seen Etsy's new "About Me" page in sellers' shops?  I somehow just noticed this yesterday- it's been around since early June, at least.  This shows you just how bad I've been this summer with maintaining my shop.  Shame on me!

The new "About Me" section really allows the shop keeper's personality to shine through- which I really like- and serves as a forum for the maker/curator to put a face and voice behind their work or shop.  I set mine up yesterday and I think it can use some sprucing up in the future (I love the slide show in the upper section of some of the pages I've peaked at and I know I definitely need a few more "studio" shots to really take advantage of this).

But for now, here she is.  What do you think?  If you have an Etsy shop, and have set up your "About Me" section, please link below.  I'd really love to read them. :)

Or see it here.

14 August 2012

My Moo Minicards

I arrived home from work yesterday to find a special surprise awaiting me at my doorstep.  My Moo Minicards!  It was a surprise because they weren't due to arrive until the 21st of August.  Fortunately for me, I'll have them for this Saturday's Celtic Festival at Spyglass Ridge Winery, in Sunbury, PA.

I've been making my own business cards for the last few years now, employing a variety of media to create them- including rubber stamps (both purchased and hand carved), water color paper, and water color paint washes.  As much as I love these cards, and all of the handmade work that goes into making each and every one of them, I often wished I had something that showcased my work just a little bit better.  

The Minicards by Moo Cards were the perfect solution for this.  Now I will have a set of cards that feature images of my work as well as my original, more simple handmade ones.  

I am seriously impressed with the superb quality of these cards! And with the packaging.  I am already scheming up my next order.

Below is a little montage showcasing their awesomeness.  I just loved the presentation.  

A set of 100 MiniCards cost only $19.99 and believe me when I say they are worth every cent.  I also purchased a Minicard holder (bottom left image) that I can store in my purse without messing up my cards (which are usually shoved in random pockets in my wallet).  The total cost of my order was around $26 after shipping and handling and a promo code that I found somewhere online.  If you are interested in your own set of Moo MiniCards I would hop on over there now.  Seriously.  You need them in your life.

If you've ordered your own, I'd love to hear about them.  If you have links to your own cards, please share them in the comments!

13 August 2012

Oh Hello, Mr. Monkey

This week I sewed up a sock monkey for one of two sets of friends expanding their families this fall with their first little baby.

When I was younger, and still in college, I love sewing sock monkeys.  Until this past week, it had been years since I had sewn one of these cheeky little fellows.

I think that this guy right up there is surely one of my favorites.  He's a dandy about town and is looking quite dapper in his polka dotted bow tie.  The bow tie really sets off his personality, I think.

His isn't perfect, of course.  I really don't think any sock monkey should be.  But I quite like him and I hope little Liam will too, some day soon.  I think my other pair of friends are in need of a sock monkey for their baby as well.  Every little one needs a sock monkey friend, don't you agree?

13 July 2012

Turks Head Music Festival this Sunday!!

Happy Friday, my friends!  I'm kicking off my summer festival season this Sunday at West Chester, PA's Turks Head Music Festival.  I am really, really excited about this one, folks!  What is better than live music, sun and handmade goodness!  If I wasn't setting up shop at the event, you'd most likely find me sprawled out on the grass with Dan, our pup, and a picnic basket full of delicious treats.  

The festival is celebrating their 30th year on Sunday.  Click here if you are interested in checking out some really great shots of years gone by- all the way back to July 24, 1983. (I turned two years old exactly on that day. :) )  The 1983 shots are my favorite.  Anyways, they have live music planned all day from 11am-8pm with early morning yoga if you anyone is interested.  (Awesome, right?)  

Here is a little peek at what will be included in my booth spread this Sunday:

And here is the rad event poster created by Whiskey and Chocolate:

Finally, because they are just really awesome, here are some of my favorite shots from the 1983 festival:
Source: West Chester Recreation
Source: West Chester Recreation
Source: West Chester Recreation

So, if you find you happen to be in the area, stop on by!  

Coming soon: Lots of zucchini recipes!

03 July 2012

From the Garden: A Recipe Series

Happy Summer,  dear readers.  I can't believe that we've nearly arrived at the 4th of July already!  Dan and I kicked off the summer with a bottle of wine and a quiet night on the evening of the summer solstice. We spent the better part of the spring and the first few days of the summer tending to our little garden.  

I haven't been very good with the regular garden updates on here that I had hoped to do, but things seemed to be moving so slow out there and then all of a sudden- bam! - we have a full blown bounty of plants on our hands! It's incredible, really.  The other day Dan and I shared a high five after we discovered a beast of a zucchini lurking underneath the plant's lush leaves.  The zucchini must measure 2 feet long, I kid you not!  I haven't cut it yet because we are still working our way through a little zucchini and yellow squash harvest from a few days ago.  Which brings me to the point of this post- this week marks the beginning of a regular series I will be running here on the blog from now until the end of the gardening season.  

My From the Garden: A Recipe Series is just that- a seasonal recipe series featuring fruit and vegetables that have, in one way or another, come "farm to table"-  with "farm" being the little raised garden bed that sits just outside our kitchen door, of course.  

Dan and I had container gardened for the last few years when we lived in the city, but we had never reaped so many bountiful rewards as this season promises us (knock on wood, of course!).  It's really quite fascinating- our four tomato plants are heavy with green tomatoes, the zucchini and yellow squash plants have made several attempts to take over the garden full force.  We've cut back some of the large, umbrella like leaves and have given the sunlight back to our yellow, green and red peppers.  Cucumber vines creep their way around the garden, via the fence, despite the cucumber trellis we were training them on.  And the basil- oh, the basil! I have been making weekly batches of pesto- jarring it up and using as we see fit through out the week before another batch must be made.  Honestly, growing this garden may have been one of the best decisions we've made all year!

So, when ever you see the above badge know the featured recipe and the meal we shared with it, is extra special.  What you can expect: fresh pasta sauce (using our plum tomatoes), seasonal salads incorporating a melange of heirloom, cherry and early girl tomatoes, lots of zucchini and squash dishes, peach pie, perhaps? And many, many more.  

Through out the series I will post photo updates of the garden as well as information on how we constructed the raised bed and what varieties we are growing.  If you would like to suggest a favorite recipe of yours, please feel free to do so!  

In the meantime, here is a glance at what the month of June brought us:

From top left, clockwise: Our first red tomato; Figs; Zucchini Blossoms, freshly picked for dinner; Green Bell Peppers; A handful of raspberries- the birds got the rest; and finally- Our first yellow squash with a trio of figs.

28 June 2012

Walks with Heidi

Spotted this handsome Red Admiral butterfly yesterday afternoon, while on a walk with Heidi.  He was lazying the day away on a neighbor's butterfly bush.

27 June 2012

Kayaking on the Brandywine

Dan celebrated his thirty-third birthday a few weeks back.  In honor of his special day the two of us took a day off of work, woke up early, and drove to the Brandywine River for a day of kayaking.

The Brandywine River Valley, located just outside of Philadelphia, is really a sight to behold.  I had been introduced to this region without even knowing it when I fell in love with the work of American realist painter Andrew Wyeth, particularly his scenes of the Kuerner Farm and his Helga series, while studying Art History as an undergraduate.  Wyeth,  a realist painter, was inspired by the rolling hills and farms of the Brandywine Valley and the surrounding countryside.  When I travelled to the region for the first time in 2006, while visiting the Brandywine River Museum (which features a collection of three generations of Wyeths), I felt as if I had just stepped into one of his paintings.  Now, we travel to the region at least once a year for our annual Memorial Day picnic at the Chaddsford Winery or pass on through while traveling to meet friends.  And every time, I still can't keep Wyeth's haunting images out of my head.

Our little kayaking adventure was another chance for me to experience Wyeth's landscapes, but this time via a 13 mile trip down the Brandywine River.  It was a wonderful day, and hopefully the beginning of a yearly tradition.

During our 3 hour kayak trip, we did not see one other soul on the river (aside from the normal aquatic life!)
Northbrook Canoe Company was amazing.  We started our trip at the main office and were greeted by a very nice man from Northbrook at the end of our trip, who drove us back to get our car.
Dan made friends with a few little ducks.
Everything was so, so lush.

Absolutely no one in sight.  Heaven, frankly.  
A happy birthday boy.

05 June 2012

Everdeen Earrings in the Shop!

The Everdeen Earrings were received with such great response in my giveaway that I have decided to release them early into my Etsy shop.  The rest of the collection is schedule to be released mid-July so keep your eyes out for them!
Everdeen Earrings

Now in my shop!

The Everdeen Earrings are adorned with hammered copper tear drop shapes that give the earrings a very organic look.  Faceted Labradorite coin-shaped beads are suspended at center and wire wrapped to a vintage, raw brass chain.  The earrings are finished with hand-forged brass ear wires.

The Everdeen Earrings are part of my upcoming limited supply Summer/Fall Collection.  Please stay tuned for more!!

01 June 2012

The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair

This is a photo heavy post, so I'll keep my commentary brief!  Since moving out of the city last October there have been certain things that Dan and I have grown to really, really miss- particularly this time of year, when the nights are warm and it's so easy to while away the hours seated outside a cafe or riding our bikes through the city.  But its nights like last evening when I am reminded just how fortunate we are to have found ourselves in our new town- Wayne, Pennsylvania.  

Sure, it isn't quite as exciting as our old neighborhood, but it has its own small town charm and offers us little treasures like the Devon Horse Show that just really put a smile on my face from ear to ear.

We decided to visit the Devon Horse Show last evening, at the spur of the moment, when a few friends asked us to join them.  I'm so happy that we did.  The Devon Horse Show, founded in 1896, is considered to be the oldest and largest outdoor horse show in the United States.  Dan and I, having never been to a horse show, were like children in a candy store.  There was such a charm to the place and it was a prime people watching event.  To be honest, having come just from work, I felt a bit undressed but I'll be prepared to wear my finest sundress next year, and perhaps a nice big ol'hat, too- because, why not, right?

I'll also come armed with a picnic basket full of treats and a bottle of wine and make a nice romantic date out of it.    

26 May 2012

A Wonderful Weekend

I wanted to wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend (for those in the US).  Whether you are celebrating the holiday or not, I hope that wherever you find yourselves, that you are surrounded by friends, loved ones and that you have an amazing and relaxing weekend.

Dan and I will be spending today bbqing with friends.  And I'm currently steeping some rosemary from our garden in a simple syrup to make these tasty Rosemary Gin Fizz cocktails later on.  Tomorrow a few of us will gather at Chaddsford Winery for their annual Blues Festival.  I really can't wait for this- it's one of the greatest days of the year in my opinion. :)  Last year, I snapped the above image while lounging on the winery's grounds.  I love this photograph.

I also wanted to announce the winner of my Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway and thank you all for participating.  I was so excited to read all of your recommendations and I am looking forward to checking into each and everyone of them.  From all of your suggestions, my summer reading list seems very promising!  Also, I wanted to send a genuine welcome to all of my new followers.  I'm so happy to have you here.  Welcome.

So, with that said, the winner of my Everdeen Earring Giveaway is:

Appie, number 72, who recommended the Left Behind Series.  Congratulations Appie!  I will be contacting you shortly. 

23 May 2012

Everdeen Earrings Giveaway

That's right folks! You heard it here- Monday marked Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day!  Giveaway Day is awesome, to put it frankly, and it is a chance for you to win many, many amazing handcrafted items from some very talented crafters. Bloggers and shop owners are giving away fabric, handmade bags, items for the home, jewelry, and accessories - the list goes on and on!

I happy to announce that I am participating for a second time.  My giveaway back in December was such a success and I was so happy to make new blog friends through it all.  This time around I am giving away a pair of earrings from my Summer collection, which will be released near the end of June.

Like the Atenas Earrings, this pair is adorned with hammered copper tear drop shapes that give the earrings a very organic look. Faceted Labradorite coin-shapped beads are suspended at center and wire wrapped to a  vintage, raw brass chain.  The earrings are finished with hand-forged brass ear wires.

Now, on to the giveaway, shall we.  One winner will be chosen at random, but in order for you to enter you MUST answer a particular question of mine in the comment section.  I'm looking for new summer reading and I'd love to hear what you all have to recommend for me!  I just finished up the Hunger Games (book one) and once that series is over with, I'll be itching for a new read.  And as a side note, the Everdeen Earrings may or may not have been named as such because of my most recent read. *wink*

So, in the comments, please tell me:


It's as simple as that.  I'm also offering up a second chance to win if you are a follower of my blog (as a thank you).  You in no way have to follow my blog to participate, but if you do- please let me know in a SECOND comment! 

One winner will be chosen at random on Saturday morning (9:00 AM), May 26th!  If you do not have an email attached to your profile, please be sure to leave it in the comments so that I can contact you.  Also, if you are running a giveaway- let me know! I'd love to swing on by. :)

And one more thing: I will ship INTERNATIONALLY!

Best of luck everyone!!