24 June 2013

The weekend we got dolled up for a roaring 20's party!

Well, it's back to the grind after a lovely, lovely weekend.  But before I jump into this week, I wanted to share a few shots from this weekend's activities. Dan and I attended a friend's 30th birthday party that had a Great Gatsby theme.  It was wonderful!  We dressed up in our best 1920's inspired garments and laughed the night away.

It didn't have a sparkly flapper-esque frock to wear for the night and couldn't really find anything on our thrifting excursion last weekend so I opted for an emerald green dress that I re-constructed a few years back out of a full length, long sleeved 1980's dress.

Enroute to the festivities!
I set my hair in pin curls, pinned it up and topped the style off with the perfect bit of sparkle thanks to my Giant Dwarf bobby pin.

LOVE this photo of Dan! BEST.
Dan went as dapper as can be, fashioning his pants into plus fours (or knickers) and pairing them with a vintage wool vest and a handmade bow tie made by me! (More info on that later this week!)

Mood lighting.
Once Sunday rolled around I was pretty much dead to the world as I had one too many glasses of champagne punch.  It was delicious, but sneaky.  I did find the energy to complete a project I've been wanting to tackle for the wedding:

DIY Swizzle Sticks!  Here is a snap shot from yesterday:
I plan on posting a materials list and a link to the tutorial that I followed later on this week as well.  Thanks for reading- I hope your weekend was just as fabulous!

21 June 2013

New (ish) work: Tara Necklace

With the wedding approaching, my jewelry designs have sadly taken a back seat for the mean time.  I haven't all together stopped creating, though!  Over the past few months I've made a few pieces here and there and I'd like to share some of them with you.

This set was created for an old friend of mine- our friendship streches as far back as elementary school.  She was one of the first friends I made when my family moved to out to the sticks in central Pennsylvania when I was in second grade!  Tara had picked up the most beautiful pendants and asked that I create three necklaces with them- one for her and one for each of her sister-in-laws for Christmas.  The finished pieces came about through Tara's beautiful vision and I was so happy to construct them for her.  

If any are made in the future and they find their way to the shop, they'll be known as the Tara Necklace. :)

Each multi-strand necklace features a pair of amethyst and chalcedony gemstones set within gold vermeil bezels.  The pendants are suspended from a double 14k gold vermeil chain.  The tiniest faceted pink amethyst and aquamarine faceted gems have been hand-wrapped in gold filled wire to the chains.

City Hall

City Hall, Philadelphia

Happy Friday and the first day of summer, my friends!  I snapped the above photo last Friday, when I was on my way to meet up with Dan and a friend of ours.  There was just something about the sky juxtaposed against City Hall that made me stop in my rush and snap this photo.  I wasn't the only one to have been taken by the scene, either.  Later on, as we were all talking we realized that each one of us had taken nearly exactly the same photo all within a few hours of one another.  That put a smile on my face.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!