14 July 2011

An homage to my camera phone.

Ree Drummond is focusing on photos taken with a mobile phone for this week's Pioneer Woman Photography Assignment.  I was excited to read this yesterday as I have a bit of an obsession with my phone's camera and the many photography apps available on the market.  In fact, I currently have 913 photos on my phone.  Oh my!  I think it's time to do some house cleaning! 

Anyway, as I was sorting through my photos for an image to submit to today's pool, I thought it might be fun to highlight a few of my favorite iphone photos here.  Some you may have already seen, but others you have not.  I love all of them and especially adore the feeling of shooting a photo, running it through an app such as Instagram or ShakeItPhoto, and viewing the new image.  This usually concludes with me getting all giddy-like and shoving the phone in front of Dan's face to show him how amazing the image turned out.  Well, amazing in my opinion anyways.  :)
A more recent shot, taken below the Spring Garden El stop in Philadelphia.  It was captured while waiting for a very late bus (again).  And though I have a great aversion to Philly's public transit system, and remember that I was very annoyed when I shot this, something about this photo (and I think it's that soft burst of light at center) calms me in the smallest of ways. 

08 July 2011

Oh, Friday

It's Friday and it's been a veeeerry trying morning.  All I can say is: Thank goodness it is Friday.  Mornings like this require a quick peek at this photo to immediately restore the smile to my face and make me all fuzzy inside.
It was taken on Heidi's first Valentine's Day with us.  She celebrated with a cookie from Doggie Style in Manayunk.  Actually, she celebrated with two, but we reserved the second for later in the week.  It's difficult to see in the dark photo, but she is literally licking her chops waiting for that cookie.  

I hope your morning has gone smoother than mine, dear readers- and if not, I hope this photo helped in the smallest of ways by bringing a smile to your face as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!