13 August 2012

Oh Hello, Mr. Monkey

This week I sewed up a sock monkey for one of two sets of friends expanding their families this fall with their first little baby.

When I was younger, and still in college, I love sewing sock monkeys.  Until this past week, it had been years since I had sewn one of these cheeky little fellows.

I think that this guy right up there is surely one of my favorites.  He's a dandy about town and is looking quite dapper in his polka dotted bow tie.  The bow tie really sets off his personality, I think.

His isn't perfect, of course.  I really don't think any sock monkey should be.  But I quite like him and I hope little Liam will too, some day soon.  I think my other pair of friends are in need of a sock monkey for their baby as well.  Every little one needs a sock monkey friend, don't you agree?


bead addict said...

I love his expression!
A very dapper chappie indeed :-)

helen ethel studio said...

Thank you so much. :)

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