05 May 2010

A Weekend Escape

Boy, oh boy I've been slacking on here, haven't I?  It's been a rather busy past week and I haven't had a moment to compose my thoughts in the typed form until now, really.  This past weekend Dan and I shuttled off to picturesque central Pennsylvania to see my family.  We left on Friday, after a miserable day of work and a week of late buses resulting in lots and lots of waiting around.  I ended up downloading two (2!) Beach Boys albums in an attempt to keep my mind off of a bad week and to help move me into a great weekend.  I surprised Dan with my new musical acquisition, we put the top down, cranked the music up,  and sang all the way to my parent's house.  A word of advice to the stressed- The Beach Boys do wonders in uplifting the spirits.

I thought I'd share a few photos from a hike we took on Saturday.

We hiked in R.B. Winter State Park, a state park that I used to life gaurd at, once upon a time.  If I ever complained about that job (and I am sure there were a few times) I kick myself now.  What a peaceful atmosphere to spend your day.

 It was so refreshing to escape the city for the crisp, clean air of the mountains. 

I used this hike as an opportunity to play with my Hipstamatic iPhone app.  (I have a great love for Lomography and any application that will mimic the swoon-worthy LoFi, vintage aesthetic of a plastic camera's image.)  I have a few rolls of 120 film shot on my Diana that have been waiting patiently for nearly a year to be developed.  If I had an endless supply of cash, I would have had them developed by now.  This fun Hipstamatic app offers instant gratification that I really love.

Much like today, Saturday was a perfect day for a hike.  We moved from trail to trail, eventually ending up at a very odd structure a few yards passed a spring.

We were shocked to find it, as there were no other structures or signs in sight.  And we were even more shocked when we peaked through the chicken wire walls.

The "building" is filled with water. Perhaps the trail that we were on, "Boiling Springs Trail", should allude to what purpose the building originally served, but I am still without an answer.  The upper portion does not appear to be original but  matches the rest of the structures in the park.  The stone foundation, however, appears to be older- though we didn't stick around to inspect it further.  Quite frankly, we were a little weirded out as this is how campy B-horror movies start out.  I like to think that at one time this served as a hot spring where the locals and those passing through town came for  healing and relaxation.  I'm no geologist so I am not very sure that is the case.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.  In the meantime, I'll update you if my sleuthing turns anything up.


Cricket said...

Your pictures are awesome. Just lovely and old and dreamy looking. I really need to get me an iPhone. I am so behind the times. Because the instant gratification thing? Yeah, that.

Thrilled to Pieces! said...

Hi! It's Joan from the Sew Mama Sew fat quarter swap. I love your photos. What a fun blog. I will add you to the blogs I read and hope you will add me to yours!


helen ethel studio said...

Cricket and Joan, I am so happy that you stopped by to visit. I've added both of you to my blog feeder as well and I look forward to your posts!
: )

Threaded Basil said...

Those photos are so cool. I have an itouch and wish so badly it had a camera, so I could download all the cool apps! Oh well. :)

helen ethel studio said...

Thank you. I am in love with all of the photo apps. I'm not sure what I did before I had this camera and my bus schedule app!

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