07 May 2012

We planted a garden.

Yesterday, Dan and I muscled up and constructed and planted a raised garden.  Here are a few photos of the process.  Later this week I'll be posting a more detailed account of the process, including what we planted, and how it is organized.  From there, I'll be posting weekly updates on it's progress.  We are so excited to embark on our little raised garden bed adventure. :)

The raised garden bed, with a layer of enriched soil.
Arranging the plants.
Plants, after planting.  I'll be adding a few more later this week.
Our helper. :)


Emily said...

That is the cutest garden ever! So what are you growing? I'm jealous--I can't wait to have a dog and a garden!

helen ethel studio said...

Thanks Emily!! We planted four different tomato plants; a bunch of basil (you can't ever have enough!); yellow, green and red bell peppers plus four hot pepper plants to help keep critters away; green and yellow squash; cucumbers; and corn (this will be an experiment!). We also have herbs, raspberry and blueberry bushes, and a dwarf peach tree in containers. I would like to also plant some leafy greens but I am not sure if they will work in the garden since it will be getting full sun. We'll see. : )

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