28 August 2011

Spyglass Ridge Winery Celticfest: Booth Photos!

Here is a peek at my booth set up from this year's Spyglass Ridge Winery Celticfest in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.  This was my second festival appearance and I was very happy with the way things turned out.  I was especially happy with my booth display.  Below are a few of my favorite shots which give a nice overview of the set up.  I'll be posting more about the details in the coming days, so stayed tuned!


Ryann said...

Love it! Nice work! Must be nice to be in such a beautiful location too. My festivals are just on a sidewalk :-(

Were those rings I saw? I didn't know you were making rings!!

helen ethel studio said...

haha. Thanks Ryann!! Yes, they are rings. I've been making them to match my resin pendants :) And it was a pretty location - up against a pond. I lucked out this year! Even though you are on the sidewalk, you still have a pretty set up! I wanted to stop by the Chester County Restaurant Festival but I'll be moving that weekend. :/ I hope you have a great day there!!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love your use of the frames! The resin necklaces look great too in the display!!! Nice blog. I came across it via Rena's blog. ~Val

helen ethel studio said...

Thank you so much Val!! I was really happy with that resin display. :) Thank you for stopping by!!

Emily (The Culinary Couple) said...

LOVE Spyglass Ridge Winery. And your booth looks great! Hope it was a successful day for you.

helen ethel studio said...

Emily, thank you very much! Yes, Spyglass Ridge Winery is such a beautiful place. : )

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