19 April 2011

B.O.B. Robot Necklace

This funny little guy's name is B.O.B.  He starred in the cult film, The Black Hole (1979).  Though I have never seen the movie, there was no denying that this little bot needed to be made into a necklace.  I adorned the vintage charm with a double vintage brass chain, aqua candy jade, carnelian heishi, and a cobalt blue faceted crystal and packaged him up as a gift for a dear friend's birthday.  I'm not quite sure why, but every time I see a cartoon robot, I usually think of her.  So, here you have it: a B.O.B. (noble robot assistant to Dr. Hans Reinhardt of the USS Cygnus) Necklace.  From what I've read, this character has a southern drawl.  Excellent.
The stones are meant to hover below B.O.B. as if they were planets, stars, or his very own little galaxy. 
B.O.B.'s close up.


Cecilia Warner said...

hey girl. thanks for your sweet comment {: i know that movie was so sad i think everyone should see it! you should follow my blog if you like it i'm following yours now. look forward to getting to know you! {;

Antoinette said...

I my goodness, I want one!!! Am loving reading through your fabulous blog.


Maddalena said...


helen ethel studio said...

Thank you, thank you and thank you!! :)

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